Growing Stronger


At Growing Stronger, we support medical research and develop resources for the care of individuals with achondroplasia.
Parents and caregivers can take this information to their own healthcare team as they embark on the life-long medical journey ahead of them.


Through Growing Stronger, we hope to provide the support we wish we had available to us when
Ahmin was first diagnosed as a baby. Family and care are our number one priority, and that is what we want to give you.


Join us so, together, we can grow stronger! 


About Us

About The Founders

Hello! We are Amer and Munira Haider, parent co-founders of Growing Stronger. We have three beautiful children.
Our daughter, Meher, is the oldest. Then we have our two sons, Ahmin and Belal.

Ahmin, the oldest of our two sons, was born in 2008. He was born with the most common form of dwarfism, achondroplasia.
Since his diagnosis, it has been our family’s mission to help improve the quality of medical care for those
living with achondroplasia by supporting research and through science, empowering health and education.