Upcoming Engagement: Growing Stronger to give keynote presentation at bay area pharma market research conference on june 14


Growing Stronger is excited to be a keynote presenter at the 2023 Bay Area Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC) next month in San Francisco.


Like many parents of a child with achondroplasia, Growing Stronger’s parent co-founders, Munira and Amer Haider, had never heard the term until their son, Ahmin, was diagnosed just a few months after birth.


Today, they lead one of the few patient organizations in the U.S. dedicated to improving the quality of medical care for those with achondroplasia. After Amin’s diagnosis, they were inspired to embark on a journey that no parent is ever prepared for – finding a treatment for a life-altering and complex condition.


At PMRC, they will share major milestones of their journey, remind pharmaceuticals of the ‘why’ of their work, and propose models that can help seed-fund academic research that can accelerate and reduce the costs of new therapies.