BioMarin is a global biotechnology company dedicated to transforming lives through genetic discovery. In 2010, BioMarin announced their program for BMN-111 for the treatment of achondroplasia. More than a decade later later, on November 19, 2021, BioMarin received FDA approval for VOXZOGO™ (vosoritide) for injection, indicated to increase linear growth in children with achondroplasia aged 5 and up with open growth plates. On October 20, 2023, the FDA approved VOXZOGO® for children under 5 years with achondroplasia. VOXZOGO® is the first FDA approved treatment for achondroplasia.

What Is VOXZOGO® And How Does It Work?

VOXZOGO® is a molecule that stimulates the CNP pathway. It works alongside the body’s natural CNP to stimulate the CNP signaling pathway to promote bone growth. To learn more about how VOXZOGO® works and how to access it, please visit

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