Growing Stronger Visits BioMarin
In San Rafael, CA To
Participate In All Hands employee meeting


The Haider family (Amer, Munira and Ahmin) loves returning to BioMarin’s campus in San Rafael, CA, year after year to attend their All Hands Day. This is our opportunity to remind everyone at BioMarin how much their work means to us and how it gives us optimism and hope about our son Ahmin’s health and wellness as he gets older.

In the conversation, cast live before Biomarin employees, our family had the opportunity to ask Kevin Eggan, Head of Research and Early Development, and Stuart Bunting, Head of Biology Research about their work in developing Voxzogo. We learned how Voxzogo works in the body at different ages and stages in a patient’s journey. Ahmin also got to good-naturedly express his gripe with the pain of the daily injection he has to take in order to take Voxzogo. He also got Kevin Eggan to give him great college admission advice-–on camera!

BioMarin continued their hospitality after the cameras were turned off when Kevin and Stuart gave Ahmin a tour of one of their dry labs.

What a fine day in the life of an eighth-grader, to have personally met and seen the work of scientists spearheading change in the world of rare disease.

November 2021